Cat Grooming

As a general rule, cats groom themselves. However, they occasionally need some help to keep themselves healthy and clean. The Costa Mesa Animal Hospital team wants to share a few safe and best practices for grooming cats, why cat grooming is beneficial, and why you should leave most cat grooming efforts to our vet team in Orange County, CA.

Since cats and water don’t mix, you may be concerned about trying to groom your feline. However, a few steps will keep your cat calm as you groom it.

Start Early

The sooner you groom your cat, the better off you will be. Ideally, you should start handling the kittens as quickly as possible. This action will allow them to get accustomed to being held and touched.

Brush Regularly

Short-haired cats should be brushed at least once a week, while long-haired felines should be brushed twice a week. Regular brushing of your cat’s fur will prevent matting and hairballs. Start slow with short sessions, and work your way up to longer sessions that your cat can tolerate.

Bathe While Calm

While avoiding the head and face, pour water over your cat. Then, using a cat-safe shampoo, lather the neck and body. Make sure to rinse off all shampoo residue.

Offer Rewards

Before starting the grooming process, ensure you have some toys and treats nearby. This change will help create a more pleasant experience for your cat. They will also learn that they are rewarded when they behave well, making them more likely to allow the grooming.

Benefits of Cat Grooming

Whether you do it yourself or have a veterinarian, regular feline grooming can help reduce several problems that cats often experience, including excessive hair shedding, fur balls, painful knots and mats, skin and paw irritation, and heat stress. In addition, routine cat grooming can help with home flea and tick prevention and allergens.

Why Leave Cat Grooming to Professionals?

One of the many reasons a professional should perform cat grooming is because they can look for signs of coat or skin problems. However, some symptoms can be challenging to determine from the untrained eye. In addition, some cats may develop incredibly tangled or matted fur, which often requires the help of a professional.

Schedule Your Cat Grooming Appointment with a Vet in Costa Mesa and Orange County, CA

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